Fabric is a very particular product, because it often presents faults which, if they’re in garment, can invalidate marketability. For this reason it is very important individuating those defects, if there are, to discard the defective parts.


BP Controll checks technical features of fabric and indicates its faults to make customers manage them in the best way, during cutting and manufacturing stages.

Quality control consists in three different and consecutive steps:

  1. Pre-control:
    – estimating tincture uniformity of patch
    – estimating dimension permanence of fabric in steam and under water
  2. Control in specula noticing all faults
  3. Accomplishment of documents relating every single patch and whole entry

After those steps fabric is packaged and, at claim, it’s sent customer or whom’s indicated from customer.

BP Controll distributes pre-control and control services according the specifics given by client company and by current market standard too.

The high-tech machineries used by BP Controll and a skilled equipment assure accuracy in accomplishment according to customer’s specific claims. The information technologies used for the management of applications assure a total trasparency in the relationship with customer, who gets, at the end of control, a document with controlled fabric features and eventual faults checked.