The company has been operating for several years in the field of quality control of the fabrics and so acquired a lot of experience.

The research for a quality service that meets the needs of the control requested by customers has always been among the main targets.

In addition, the swirling proliferation of the number of companies in the sector, the gradual establishment of the Product Regulatory, have resulted in the need to adopt a more comprehensive and methodical way to ensure an efficient and proper corporate management that contributes in a decisive manner to the quality and reliability of the service provided.

This strategy has to ensure satisfaction to the customer, which entrusts the company of the realization of effective and timely check-ups; the company feels the need to improve and adapt the organization of work in all its departments in order to adapt to the changed dimensions in which today the company lies compared to the recent past.

In brief, BP Controll S.n.c. intends to base its quality policy on the following points:

Constant updating of the equipment used for the provision of the service, both for what concerns the number of machines, and as regards to their functionality and performance, in order to meet, in the best way, to the needs of the production chain.

Expansion and consolidation of the customer base, in order to guarantee the company a variety of job opportunities and, at the same time, long-term relationships, of effective collaboration and continuous improvement of its performance.

Constant attention to the needs of the customers/buyers and their satisfaction, so that through the management of the data from these surveys, it is possible to pursue a constant improvement of the services offered.

Bring the company to levels of excellence of its services so it can be appreciated by a growing number of customers, as well as being continuously certified by the relevant accredited bodies.

Development of human resources at all levels and steady growth of their respective competences, in order to stimulate a greater motivation and involvement of staff in the continuous improvement of its processes and products of the efficiency and overall, in a regime of constant technological upgrading.

For the realization of the statements in this document, BP Controll S.n.c. intends to establish, implement and continuously improve its system of company quality management.

Specific goals are consistent with the strategic vision here expressed, measurable targets and operational programs for the pursuit of quality policy, as well as resource allocation, they are defined and updated by the management and ratified at the regular meetings to review the Management System Quality.